FORTIGUARD Live Attack-Monitoring Map

This is pretty cool. If you haven’t seen these maps, it can be eye opening.  These are real-time and/or near real-time threat maps of the cyber war happening right now.
Our favorite threat map by FORTINET is featured right here (BEST VIEWED ON DESKTOP COMPUTERS). Additional maps are listed below.

UPDATE OCTOBER 22nd: The live attack-map offered by Fortiguard allows anyone to watch the attacks in real time. We can tell you that several lengthy sessions of watching these attacks has revealed the US is attacking itself.  MASSIVE bursts of attack data come from Witchita to Boston, then New York, then to San Francisco, then Los Angeles, and frequently to Seattle. Seconds later, these cities seem to "return fire" back against Wichita with MASSIVE bursts of data. It is quite apparent that the "cyber-attacks" of Friday, October 21 directly involve facilities of the US Government. And by that, we mean, the attacks ORIGINATED from facilities of the US Government. Wichita is a key location for the origin of these attacks.