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Hillary LIAR

Hidden inside her name is a clue to her secret personality.


If Trump is your choice, you will want to let people know it. It’s all about Good versus Evil.

RedFlag Stickers

Who doesn't love stickers?

The Red Flag

Admit it. You’re a RedFlag junkie. You can’t even go an hour without checking for new stories. You should show off your addiction with pride, with great apparel and products boldly emblazoned with the RedFlag logo. It’s a great conversation starter. Show off how knowledgeable you are!

I Pay Attention

You’re a RedFlag reader and you’re paying attention, close attention. You watch the evening news and see stories that you read about last week on RedFlag News. Paying attention gives you a competitive edge.

Knowledge Is Power

You’re a RedFlag reader so you’re better informed than most people. You read stories and gain the knowledge that gives you an edge. You dominate all conversations around the water cooler. You get noticed for the next promotion, and before you know it, you’re junior partner. Fame and fortune are within your grasp. Aren’t you glad you found RedFlag News?