War against boys threatens our survival


Savage opened a segment with one of Dean Martin’s signature hits, “That’s Amore,” which debuted in 1953.

“That was another time,” Savage said. “Boys emulated men. The singers were all men.

“The singers were men, like Dean Martin, and boys wanted to be like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin.”

Savage continued:

And boys wanted to be soldiers, they wanted to be cops, they wanted to be outdoors, they wanted to be tough, they wanted to be able to defend themselves.

And we wake up, and suddenly every one of these true values are being attacked by the psychotics who run the schools, run the media.

Take a look at the men in the media. Now look at them.

By and large, look at the image they project.

Is that an image that you think is reflective of most men on the planet?

Are they, therefore, superior to most men on the planet, because they portray a different side of masculinity? If you want to even go there.

What is the norm in men’s behavior?

I didn’t say become a Neanderthal and beat people up. I didn’t say that.

But we need men who can beat people up.

Make no mistake about it. We need a lot of people who can beat people up, to save this nation.

Make no mistake about it. Without men who could beat people up, you wouldn’t even be here.

There’d be no country.

From the beginning, there’d be no country.

So, when you conduct a war against boys, what you’re doing is conducting a war against survival.

Straight up! That’s it!