Musings Of An Average Joe: Apparently, Defending Pedophilia Is Okay, As Long As You Didn’t Vote For Trump

Musings Of An Average Joe: Apparently, Defending Pedophilia Is Okay, As Long As You Didn’t Vote For Trump

By Joe Bilello - Fox News

Sometime around the early to mid-1970s, a new genre of music was developed in the United States and UK which came to be known as punk rock. The punk rock movement was seen as a rejection of the mainstream music of the time and usually involved shorter, faster songs with stripped-down instrumentals and lyrics containing political, anti-establishment messages. What the bands lacked in musical ability, they often made up for with crazy on-stage antics and pure shock value.

But it was at the 2002 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards ceremony that the truly shocking, edgy, jaw-dropping, anti-establishment attitude that came to define “punk” was on full display. After the induction of the legendary American punk band, The Ramones, guitarist Johnny Ramone took to the microphone and proclaimed, “God bless President Bush and God bless America.” Wow! Now that’s punk rock!

It would be nearly 15 years later when singer Joy Villa showed up to the Grammy awards in a “Make America Great Again” dress that an individual dared to make a statement that was at odds with the ideology of the majority of the venue’s participants. So why are more conservative Americans so scared to “come out of the closet”?

Hollywood and the entertainment industry are certainly dominated by progressive and left-of-center thinkers. But the perception far outweighs the reality. There must be some conservative voices in the celebrity world. With the country divided roughly 50/50 politically, why should they have any less of a voice?

The answer is simply, fear. Once exposed, those on the left will stop at nothing to destroy their careers, reputations and livelihoods.

Political provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos recently made headlines when he was dropped from a speaking appearance at CPAC and had his book deal rescinded by publisher Simon and Schuster after video surfaced of comments he made about sex involving underage boys. The decisions were appropriate reactions to completely inexcusable comments made by the now-former Breitbart editor.

But Milo had been marked for destruction long before anyone had heard these recent revelations. What were his prior offenses? He was a provocateur being provocative. And almost anything he had said could be heard on any HBO comedy special or Comedy Central Roast on any given night. Fairly benign sexist, racist, homophobic rhetoric that usually results in raucous laughter and someone turning to the person next to them and saying, “it’s funny cause it’s true.”

But Milo’s real crime was this: He was not a left-wing comedian. He’s a conservative who worked for a news outlet that is very unpopular in some circles. Therefore, he must be destroyed.

Liberal personalities have always gotten a pass for the same behavior that would ruin their conservative counterparts. But sometimes they are even given a pass for the same inexcusable behavior that rightfully brings down their peers.

Bill Maher, who recently took credit for Yiannopoulos' downfall, once appeared to make comments very similar to those expressed by Milo, seemingly condoning a sexual relationship between a 35-year-old teacher and her 12-year-old student back in 1998.

“I admit that it’s unorthodox," Maher said in a 1998 episode of “Politically Incorrect”. "She’s 35, the boy is 14. He was younger when they started. But she is pregnant again. That was the story this week. This is the second child by this boy. They are keeping the mother in jail because she won’t conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family."

Did Maher face any repercussions for his opinion? Maher would eventually be fired from ABC after comments he made in the wake of 9/11 where he claimed that the United States military and not the terrorists were the real cowards. But there was not much backlash over the underage sex comments, even from those who were dedicated to bringing down Milo for what he said.

Whatever is said or done is actually not the real offense at hand. The real offense is the political affiliation of the perpetrator. In the eyes of people like Meryl Streep, Roman Polanski can drug and rape all the little girls he wants, as long as he doesn’t vote for Trump. NBA star Stephen Curry recently threatened to drop sponsor Under Armour because the CEO praised Donald Trump’s business acumen. Bakers who don’t wish to participate in gay weddings because of personal religious beliefs are targeted for financially ruin. Chick-Fil-A is targeted because of the owner’s political and social beliefs(Fortunately, delicious chicken always beats crazy activism). Millions of otherwise indifferent Super Bowl viewers suddenly had a passionate rooting interest after someone spotted a Trump hat in Tom Brady’s locker.

Even the County Music Awards, a comparatively conservative venue, faced pressure to nix Toby Keith from the lineup after the singer performed at the Presidential inauguration. And the list goes on and on.

Imagine if folks on the right participated in the same behavior. We would be subjected to watching nothing but Jon Voight movies, re-runs of “Joanie loves Chachi” and listening to Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and the Gatlin Brothers. But the attitude of those on the right is more along the lines of, “I don’t care for his politics but he is a damn fine actor and I really enjoy his work”. There is no desire to organize a mass effort to destroy the lives of those with whom they disagree.

Conservatives have always generally tended to avoid speaking out due to fear of non-acceptance. But that has morphed into fear of total annihilation in recent years. And the fear is completely justifiable.

“Agree to disagree” is not in the lexicon of the militant left. All who disagree must be completely destroyed. And despite being neutered by Trump’s election, the militant, intolerant left will be more rabid than ever.

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