FBI’s Deputy Director and FBI Brass Conspire to Wage Coup Against Trump (Video)

Opinion by Michael DePinto --

What can we conclude about the state of the nation when the unelected leadership of its top law enforcement agency is actively conspiring against its democratically elected president? You all know about FBI Director James Comey and his decision not to file charges against Hillary Clinton, but the Deep State’s web of corruption runs deeper within the agency then Comey himself. Sources have released information indicating that his second-in-command Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is also personally leading the charge against Trump.

In the following video, Right Wing News examines the level of complicity of the FBI’s leadership in the coup against Trump and their role in the sacking of Michael Flynn. Here’s a quote that sources attribute to McCabe at a meeting of the FBI brass “Fu** Flynn and then we fu** Trump”.

Where’s that coming from? Well, McCabe’s wife was a Virginia state senate candidate who received nearly $700,000 in campaign funds from longtime Clinton ally Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. Said contribution was also only provided in parallel to the FBI’s probe of Clinton; no doubt the dishonest media will spin this as mere coincidence. As the Obamagate scandal continues to unravel, we can expect more information revealing just how deep the tangled web goes. Whatever you have pictured, it’s way worse!