Democratic Dreams of Retaking Congress are a Fantasy

By Wesley Pruden | The Washington Times


If you’re a Democrat, lost in a restoration fantasy of taking over the Congress next year, now is the time to dream big. Reality, with its talent for smashing the fanciful, will arrive soon enough.

Democratic pundits, trying to cheer up a home team that needs a lot of cheering up, have begun talking up “the wave,” a mysterious gathering storm of public opinion that sweeps everything before it into the Sea of Oblivion. Waves don’t happen often; the last one swept dozens of Democratic incumbents and others out to sea in 2010, when the Republicans gained a stunning 63 seats.

Nevertheless, impressionable pundits have already counted the votes for next year and say the wave is on the horizon. Salon, a web magazine, says the Republicans “may” face a massive wave. The word “may” is the favorite verb of pundits because it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s like putting the chances of something happening at “50-50.” Everything is a 50-50 proposition — either it happens, or it doesn’t. It’s a mouthful of cotton candy.

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