YouTube Gives Gov’t Agents ‘Super Flagging’ Status To Remove Videos And Channels

Via his backup video channel, Mark Dice comes out with a hard hitting response to his YouTube channel’s termination after 7 years of producing videos, and reveals that this happened just days after an announcement that YouTube was enlisting “Trusted Flaggers.”

Via Wall Street Journal, we see that Dice is correct in calling some of these “flaggers” government agents:

Google has given roughly 200 people and organizations, including a British police unit, the ability to “flag” up to 20 YouTube videos at once to be reviewed for violating the site’s guidelines.

The Financial Times last week reported that the U.K. Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has been using its “super flagger” authority to seek reviews – and removal – of videos it considers extremist.

Looks like YouTube aka Google has decided to do the government’s bidding now using censorship to stifle the free speech of users.

While YouTube denies that it allows these government flaggers to dictate what is and is not removed, the last paragraph of the WSJ article pretty much tells the story and it contradicts their assertions.

More than 90% of the videos identified by super flaggers are either removed for violating guidelines, or restricted as not appropriate for younger users, the person familiar with the program said. That’s a far higher percentage than regular users who occasionally flag dubious content, the person said.

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