You Can't Make This Stuff Up: IRS spent over $40 million on ONE conference – can’t find receipts!



(FAM) -- The IRS has always been a running joke in this country, even before the Obama IRS scandal. But now they are taking it to a whole new level. It’s not enough enough that Obama’s IRS targeted conservative and religious groups. They wasted over $50 million tax dollars on conferences, gifts, stupid videos, and other unrelated things. One IRS conference in 2010 alone cost you and the rest of America $40. Yes, ONE damn conference the IRS spent $40 million tax pay dollars on. To make matters worse, the IRS (unlike the American taxpayer) wasn’t required to keep receipts on their spending. So what the $40 million was wasted on at one damn conference can’t be known. The IRS blamed ‘shoddy record-keeping’ for this problem. Remember, 16,500 NEW IRS agents will be hired to enforce ObamaCARE starting in 2014. Aren’t you excited? The IRS employees who attended even got ‘swag’ which included tote bags made in China! Imagine how all those Romney donors must feel after being audited by the IRS. I guess we can’t audit the IRS.

The IRS spent over 40 million taxpayer dollars on a conference in 2010, CNN reported Tuesday evening. The actual amount wasted is unknown because the IRS was not required to keep its receipts, something that they require taxpayers to do.

CNN correspondent Dana Bash discussed the excesses of the agency in a report on 360, including gifts, video spoofs and upscale hotel rooms for agency higher-ups, but the cost of those and the conference itself was unclear because the IRS had engaged in poor record-keeping. Read more via FAM...

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