LIVE NEWS FEED: Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down Outside Okla. City... TAKE SHELTER NOW!



A massive tornado has touched down west of Oklahoma City where it has done damage and it is headed toward Oklahoma City.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado emergency for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Weather service forecaster Daryl Williams says the emergency issued Friday evening includes Oklahoma City and some suburbs.

The weather service issues an emergency if a storm with tornadoes is heading toward large metropolitan area. The warning covered Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, which was evacuated at 6:30 p.m. while staff and passengers were taken to an underground tunnel until the threat passes, and there were no flights inbound or outbound until then.

Damage was reported Friday south of Interstate 40 near El Reno after the twister swept through a rural area. The Canadian County Sheriff's Office said it did not have any reports of injuries.

Funnels of various sizes touched the ground south of El Reno, 25 miles west of Oklahoma City. At other times funnel clouds remained aloft. Cameras showed debris in the air.

State police conducted rolling roadblocks to prevent motorists from driving into the storm as it approached Oklahoma City, which has a million people in the metro area.

A storm last week killed 24 at Moore, on Oklahoma City's south side.


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