Wisconsin Public School Teaching Students Conservatism Means “Restricting Personal Freedoms”…

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Eighth graders in Union Grove, Wisc. — a tiny enclave just over the Illinois border — are learning reading, writing, arithmetic and, of course, that conservatives are a bunch of authoritarian, oppressive thugs.

As EAGnews explains, an unnamed eighth-grade teacher in theUnion Grove school district assigned a vocabulary crossword puzzlewith clues containing “definitions” of liberalism and conservatism.

Conservatism, according to the public school assignment, is “thepolitical belief of preserving traditional moral values by restrictingpersonal freedoms and encouraging prosperity through economic freedom.”

Let that ridiculous middle part soak in, perhaps while you gulp down a massive sugary soda and take target practice with your favorite firearm.

How are impressionable Union Grove eighth graders instructed about liberalism? They are indoctrinated that it is “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.”

Sounds wonderful, huh?

Local conservative activist Tamra Varebrook forwarded the assignment — apparently from a civics curriculum — to EAGnews after her 13-year-old daughter brought it home earlier this week. Read more via Yahoo! News...

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