Will Obama Ever Be Popular Again?

By RHODES COOK, Politico

Barack Obama has had an unusual presidency, winning election twice with a majority of the vote, yet frequently saddled with a job approval rating below 50 percent. In fact, only during his “honeymoon” period in 2009 and around his reelection in 2012 has a majority of the population approved of his performance for more than mere days at a time.

So, midway through his sixth year in office and with fewer and fewer opportunities to realize his goals for the presidency, does Obama stand a chance of getting his numbers back above 50 percent? An upswing would surely help struggling Democratic congressional candidates in elections this fall, not to mention that it could give a boost to Obama’s policy initiatives in Congress and might even add a bit of gloss to his presidential legacy. And he has signaled he intends to “go down to the wire fighting,” as political adviser David Plouffe recently told Politico.


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