White House: Inaccurate To Use Phrase 'Radical Islam' To Talk About Terrorists


By Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times

The White House tried to explain Tuesday why it has refused to use the term “radical Islam” in describing the Islamist terrorists responsible for last week’s Paris attacks and other acts of violence across the globe.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration doesn’t want to legitimize those terrorists or the “warped” view of Islam they hold. Also, Mr. Earnest said, the phrase “radical Islam” simply is not an accurate way to describe the enemies of the U.S., France and other nations across the globe.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a position where I’m repeating the justification they have cited that I think is illegitimate. They had invoked Islam to justify their attacks,” he told reporters. “I think what I’m trying to do is to describe to you what happened and what they did. These individuals are terrorists. … We have chosen not to use that label [of radical Islam] because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what happened.”

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Josh Earnest: Wouldn’t Be Accurate to Call Paris Attackers ‘Radical Islamists’

by Josh Feldman, Mediaite

NPR’s Mara Liasson grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today about why they refuse to use the phrase “radical Islam” in reference to terrorist attacks like the ones in Paris last week. Eric Holder wouldn’t bite when asked about it in two separate interviews on Sunday.

Liasson repeatedly asked Earnest why the White House has “gone to great lengths” and “bent over backwards” to avoid using the phrase “radical Islam.” Earnest argued it’s an issue of “accuracy,” because “these terrorists are individuals who would like to cloak themselves in the veil of a particular religion.”

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Obama COMMANDS ‘radical Islam’ be replaced with ‘violent extremism based on a warped view of Islam’

The Right Scoop

The Obama administration is so upset with how the media is portraying Islam that they’ve announced a new edict that we must not use the terms “radical Islam” or “Islamic extremism,” but must now use the politically correct euphemism of “violent extremism based on a warped view of Islam.” No seriously, they said this.

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