White COP Kidnapped and Murdered by Black Men… Where’s the Media?



To the media, all life doesn’t have the same value.

While the examination of the death of Michael Brown consumes newscasts, a dead white cop killed by black men has garnered scarcely any attention.

The incident took place in Waynesboro, Va.

Police Officer Kevin Quick, a member of the Waynesboro Police Department, was abducted by four African-American men. (H/T: Top Conservative News)

The men, who allegedly had ties with a Los Angeles-based gang, took Officer Quick to an ATM to withdraw money.

Quick was then driven to the forest and killed execution-style by the gang members.

It’s alleged that the motive for the killing was to allow the four suspects to move up in the gang hierarchy by proving their toughness.

The case received little to no attention until this weekend, when a letter to the editor in the Lowell (Mass.) Sun brought the case back into the internet spotlight.

“Nowhere in the national media was this murder of a police officer put to paper,” the letter read.

“But when a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown in Missouri, it made the national news for months.”

“What hypocrites the media has become. Where is the outrage for Quick? Where are the beserk [sic] protesters burning and looting in the name of officer Quick?”

Sadly, Officer Quick simply wasn’t the right color for this to become an issue.

The news media does not does not see news qua news.

Rather, it sees it as raw material from which a narrative can be fashioned. From that narrative, the media then advances an agenda.

It has long been decided that anything that points away from the idea that the African-American community is under political, social, and physical assault from whites simply isn’t true or of interest.

The problem is that, in a decentralized media environment, incidents like what happened to Officer Kevin Quick spread rapidly.

Even when the media tries to quash it, it eventually slithers into the light of day.

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