FLASHBACK -- While representing the United States – which is paying $100M for the trip – Obama Signs Mandela Jail Book “On Behalf of My Family”



(WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER) -- President Obama today signed the visitors book at Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was jailed, “on behalf of my family,” suggesting he was representing himself at the historic site instead of the United States.

Obama is actually on Robben Island representing the United States – which is paying enormous sums for the trip – not his family. The occasion of America’s first African American president visiting the place where Mandela was imprisoned is historically significant for the United States, symbolically tying America’s own struggle for civil rights to that of South Africa and the world’s greatest living civil rights figure.

That Obama proclaimed himself and Mrs. Obama “deeply humbled” by the experience in fact adds an incongruously self-referential feature – and no small amount of hubris – to an event that should have little to do with the personal feelings of the Obamas themselves. Read the entire article by Keith Koffler via White House Dossier...


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