Where's the Darn Tea Party?

Where's the Darn Tea Party?

(JOSEPH FARAH) -- I don’t know about you, but I’m frustrated by the fact that no one is marching on Washington today despite the fact that the fabric of our nation is being destroyed in the greatest attack on liberty and self-government in the history of our country.

Where, I keep wondering, has the tea party been hiding?

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Like all of you, I get the emails from various tea-party groups busy raising money for pet causes. I see the criticisms of Barack Obama and others in Washington by the self-proclaimed tea-party leaders. I hear the defensiveness of tea-party spokesmen denouncing attacks on the tea party by the bullies in Washington who tolerated the politically motivated targeting of patriotic groups by the Internal Revenue Service.

What I don’t see are people in the streets of Washington – with placards and signs and loud voices. I don’t see any organized opposition. Where is the tea party?

This is not a criticism I level lightly.

Anyone who knows me understands I am one of the most outspoken cheerleaders for the tea-party movement.

I wrote “The Tea Party Manifesto: A Vision for an American Rebirth.”

I was one of two keynote speakers, along with Sarah Palin, at the only Tea Party National Convention in Nashville in 2010, offering what has been called “the most radical, Christian, liberty speech ever delivered to a nationally televised audience.”

I have spoken to dozens and dozens of tea-party groups and at rallies around the country.

But, I’ve got to tell you, the tea party went AWOL in 2012 and has remained mysteriously absent from visible, national political activity ever since.

I could rationalize this by suggesting it is somebody else’s fault. I could, for instance, point out that Barack Obama and his IRS targeted tea-party groups with this express goal in mind – killing a movement.

I could also rationalize this by rightfully proclaiming the tea-party movement was betrayed by Republicans after they took back the House of Representatives in 2010 thanks to tea-party activism.

I could probably find a dozen other excuses to explain why the tea party has gone dark in terms of street activism ever since 2010.

But I don’t like making excuses – not when the nation’s future is at stake.

The tea-party movement began largely as a spontaneous righteous uprising against an exponentially expanding federal government. And it has vanished just as spontaneously at the very moment its activism is most needed. Continue reading via WND...

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