Where Are All the Black Leaders?

(by L Todd Wood, WCJ) -- Today, the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, activated the National Guard in the state in order to deal with possible public unrest in Ferguson after the grand jury announces its decision on whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson. It seems that many leftist and anarchist groups are massing in the city in order to take advantage of the crisis to foment civil unrest and violence.

We saw what can happen in these types of situations in the recent past when riots broke out in the same community after the shooting of Michael Brown.  The resulting demonstrations saw massive looting, violence, and the destruction of businesses and other property in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis.

We also have a parade of race-baiting black leaders such as Al Sharpton using the crisis as an opportunity to highlight their own celebrity and to push the mob to get out of control.

My question is this:  Why aren’t black leaders by the hundreds standing up and saying that rioting, looting, and violence is not the answer to this situation?

It seems obvious to me that a reaction consisting of violence and mayhem only serves to injure the community itself.  That is, the looting and destruction of property only hurts the people who are doing the looting.

Wouldn’t community leaders be all over the television and radio trying to stop this behavior? Shouldn’t the pastors, community leaders, political leaders, and other respected figures be up in arms about the possible violence, loss of life, or the economic impact for the community?  Shouldn’t black leaders be educating their communities that this type of behavior is just wrong?

On the contrary, we see nothing of the sort. Yes, there is the occasional talking-head who says that they wish this wouldn’t happen; but, in reality, it seems that many of the community leaders want this to happen.

Why is this? And for that matter, why isn’t the President of the United States using his bully pulpit to give out the same message of restraint and what is right and wrong?

It almost seems like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder want this violence to happen as well. That’s a tough thing to say, but I just said it.

I’m tired of holding back for political correctness. It needs to be said.

America should expect more from her president, from her local politicians, and from community leaders in Ferguson.

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