What's behind the national ammo shortage?

 9mm bullet ammunition. Ammunition supplies are low all across the country, including at ""The Firing Line"" gun shop and shooting range in Aurora, Colorado on April 29, 2009.

(CBC News) It’s a question many hunters and gun enthusiasts across the country have been asking for months: Where’s the ammo?

Subsistence hunters in Alaska usually spend this time of year preparing for the return of seals and migratory birds to the Bering Straits region. But this year many are preoccupied by the state-wide shortage of .22-caliber shells, one of the most popular and common types of ammunition in the world.

Along with low supplies of other ammunition, such as 300-, .303- and .243-caliber shells,”We’ve also been having a hard time getting some .22 shells,” Mary Ungut, manager of the Native Store in Gambell, on St. Lawrence Island, recently told KNOM radio. “It seems that the price is increasing, too.”

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