WEIRD: White House Reporter Says 'I Will Probably Cry' When Obama Leave Office...

 Bizarre cult surrounds president

Bizarre cult surrounds president

(THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER) -- Eager to talk black-white politics after the Ferguson, Mo., riots, and openly discussing slavery and his skin color in India last week, President Obama is finally tackling the issue of race that he artfully dodged in his first term.

And now we know why. While he was thrust into the issue at times in his first administration, such as at the infamous “Beer summit,” Obama treaded lightly because he didn’t want to scare off white voters or energize the Tea Party during his reelection.

“They did not want to amplify race because they knew that they were going to rile up certain segments of society, particularly the Tea Party and people who don’t care for him much or for the issue much,” said April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks. “They had to be very strategic in their approach to it.”

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