Watch: What Geraldo Just Said About Obama’s Immigration Order Made Megyn Kelly Lose It

Fox News Senior Correspondent Geraldo Rivera was an in-studio guest on The Kelly File Thursday night after President Barack Obama’s speech outlining his executive action plan on immigration.  Megyn Kelly asked why the president did not tackle the immigration issue early on in his presidency when he had a Democratic majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Rivera was dismissive of the past and applauded Obama’s bold action:

“It’s not relevant to me.  Charles [Krauthammer] is absolutely right.  The president could have done it.  It really made me angry that he chose to go with Obamacare rather than immigration reform, even though he had told the Latino community and the Asian-American community that immigration reform was his priority, but it doesn’t matter tonight.  What matters tonight is he is doing, finally, the right thing.  He may be doing it for awful, base reasons, political reasons, I don’t know and I don’t care.  I care that he is finally doing the right thing for law-abiding, otherwise law-abiding family immigrants who have been here five years or more, who have in every other way followed the law.  These are people that are the seeds of the earth.  These are people who make America strong.  I’m glad he’s done it.”

Kelly pointed out to her colleague that President Obama, himself, has said no less than 25 times that he does not have the authority to pass amnesty without Congress.  Geraldo repeated himself that he doesn’t care.

“This is legal.  It is legal.  It may be hypocritical.  It may be done for the worse reasons, but it is legal.  I guarantee you.  Ask 100 constitutional scholars.”

Rivera blamed the House for their inaction, saying “they had it coming.” He said the House Republicans have blamed the illegal immigrants for ISIS and Ebola. Rivera went on to say that Republicans would make the undocumented immigrants scapegoats for climate change “if they believed in it.”

Rivera explained to Kelly that the people who benefit are the law-abiding families who are seeking a better life.

“You see them on the bicycles delivering pizza.  You see them caring for children, mowing lawns.  You see them working in factories and in fields.  Those are the people who benefit.”

(h/t: Mediaite)

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