[Watch] Valerie Jarrett’s Dismissively Calling Paris March A Parade Means Only One Pro-Islamic Thing

(Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- After claiming that the response and lack of participation in the Paris unity march after the terrorists attacks was correct in substance, Lou Dobbs wonders how Valerie Jarrett could be the “arbiter of who got the  substance right” on anything.  He says, “Six years of seldom getting the substance of any issue right, in my opinion, disqualifies Jarrett of even the pretense of arbiter standing.”

He goes on to point out some dubious misconduct on the part of the Obama advisor-controller, saying, “And Jarrett called the march of forty-four leaders and a million people demonstrating against radical Islamist terrorism a ‘parade in which she would like to have participated.’ Not once, but twice, she referred to that march, that march as a parade, dismissing and apparently trying to trivialize an unprecedented show of solidarity and European opposition to radical Islamists.”

Dobbs asks, “Why would the very careful, always careful Jarrett be so reckless with her denigration of such an historic event? It requires some examination,” says Dobbs, “but I believe her missteps may be really misunderstood by most in the media. What was her intent as she reportedly instigated the Obama-Sharpton alliance? Helped to make Sharpton, reportedly, the ‘president’s’ go-to man on race.”

He adds, “And the Iranian-born Jarrett reportedly led secret talks with representatives of Iran’s supreme leader in 2012. Talks that have led to the current negotiations that may result in the lifting of sanctions but not, not an end to nuclear advancement in Iran.”

He sums up by diplomatically characterizing Jarrett as a Svengali, whose missteps lead in only one direction.

Dobbs raises the issue of the appearance of a conflict of interest and the wisdom of having an Iranian of such questionable character and loyalties, who clearly, at a minimum, aligns herself with and shares a commonality with the terrorist sympathizers and the Iranian regime that finances and supports much of their activities. She is also instrumental in the fomenting of racial unrest in our nation, clearly a deliberate orchestration.

Dobbs tries to pull the curtain back on issues which would seem to a casual observer to be inexplicable conduct on the part of the Obama regime. Once we get past the notion that they have America’s interests at heart, everything else they do makes much more sense.

This regime is littered with foreign-born officials and it is not because we have a shortage of qualified Americans willing to serve their country.  It is precisely because they are Americans or more correctly, patriotic, loyal Americans that they are unacceptable for positions within the Obama regime, a domestic enemy of the United States.

They are the personification of what the founding fathers warned us against and did their best to protect us from.

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