[Watch] Senator Blunt Can’t Explain Gitmo Releases – Nothing Obama Is Doing Makes Sense To Anyone


(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Ed Henry is stonewalled by White House spokesperson Josh Earnest who refuses to answer how the regime intends to prevent the terrorists who are being released from Gitmo, particularly those who were sent to Oman, from winding up back in Yemen and once again targeting Americans on the battlefield and possibly at home as well.

Senator Roy Blunt is asked for his take on the releases. He says flatly that he doesn’t understand the White House position at all and in his opinion neither does the rest of the world.

He says, “Our problem is, as we engage in this fight, that we continue to act like it’s not a fight.” He points to the contrast between the marches against terrorism in Paris which took place simultaneously with the Obama regime’s final preparations to let known terrorists free.

Senator Blunt points out that the American people don’t want the terrorists in the U.S., the want them at Gitmo and the Congress does as well. He’s asked for his opinion on the White House statement that the Gitmo prisoners who have been released are all living quietly overseas.

Blunt doesn’t agree with those claims, saying, “All of the facts are different from that.” He quotes figures that between 107 and 200 of the approximately 620 terrorists released have returned to the battlefield. That is not a record of success but one of failure which belies the regime’s claims that they have become civilized during their time behind bars and now no longer desire to attack the U.S.

He also believes that the claims that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists are a myth, that a greater tool for use by our enemies is the reintroduction of the negative influence of former detainees and the evidence of a lack of consequences for terrorist acts.

None of the actions of the Obama regime, when viewed from a perspective of what is best for America and winning the war on Islamic terrorism, makes any sense at all.

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