Watch Obama voters go wild on subway car

(New York Post) -- A brawl broke out on an F train in Greenwich Village when a woman was smacked in the face and knocked down by a man she was arguing with — and four people were cuffed following the melee, cops said.

The whole thing was captured on video and posted to YouTube on Saturday.

The video shows a woman and her friends laughing at and taunting a man while on the train between the Broadway-Lafayette and West Fourth Street stations early Saturday.

“You got a wack— 8-ball jacket that came out in 1990,” Danay Howard, 21, yells at the man. “Get your money game up.”

Howard and two of her friends then notice another man filming the exchange with his cellphone. They run after him and one of them smacks the phone out of his hand.

The women then go back to insulting the man’s clothes, at which point Howard slaps the man from behind with her purse.

That’s when Kevin Gil, wearing the 8-ball jacket, turns around and smacks Howard hard across the face, knocking her off her feet.

Another person on the train jumps in and starts punching Gil.

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