[Watch] Megyn Refuses To Stop Speaking Her Mind On How She Thinks Muslims Abuse Women

(American Overlook) -- Mrs. Kelly is one of the best news anchors out there, she isn’t afraid to speak the truth, even if she gets threatened when she does.

One of her biggest opponents is the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR for short.

She recently supported a film called “honor diaries” which is a documentary on muslim women and their culture of domestic abuse.

As soon as Megyn backed this documentary for the harsh truth it shows, CAIR stepped in to show their disdain. But this isn’t stopping Megan.

In an effort, to stop Megyn, a CAIR representative made an appearance on the Fox TV Show hosted by Kelly. In addition to Kelly, and the CAIR representative, fellow friend of Kelly, Brooke Goldstein joined the conversation.

Let’s just say this segment did not end well for CAIR

Watch the conversation on Fox News below:


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