WATCH LIVE: Pres. Obama Breaks Silence on Greatest Scandal in American History

VA probe expands to 26 facilities . . . Fox News
More facilities are being examined over allegations of manipulated wait times and other issues, while House Republicans propose giving VA Secretary Eric Shinseki more power to fire or demote agency executives.

Vet scandal rocks Obama . . . The Hill
President Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, met frustrated Democrats on Capitol Hill who are outraged by reports of secret waiting lists used by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA Whistleblower: I was punished . . . Newsmax
The ongoing VA hospital scandal is spreading across the nation, and one doctor in St. Louis says he is being bullied and was demoted for telling the truth about what was going on at his facility.

Jon Stewart Pounds Obama Over VA Scandal

by KEITH KOFFLER on MAY 21, 2014, 8:52 AM

One thing I like about the Jon Stewart – an Obama supporter – he’ll go after Democrats and the president if they piss him off enough.

Why is a liberal comedian able to work up genuine public outrage over the unnecessary deaths of veterans while our president and Veterans Affairs secretary cannot?

Colorful language alert. Stewart occasionally opens a jar into which he has voiced his anger . . .

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