[Watch] Judge Jeanine Pirro Shreds, Absolutely Destroys Obama Racebot Afraid To Answer Her Questions


(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Eric Guster, a defense attorney who seems to have a racial preference slant, is Judge Pirro’s guest. She had previously addressed the hypocrisy and racism of Hussein Obama, of how he only notices when black people are killed by white policemen, in her open. Guster attempts to refute her point, citing claims that Holder’s DOJ response to school shootings “where little white children were killed,” somehow invalidates her arguments. He dismissively cautions Judge Pirro saying that they shouldn’t “go there” on the issue of Obama and Holder’s racism. The Judge is having no part of that tactic, she responds, “Well let’s go there.”

Now Guster is in for it. He didn’t want to go there, but he has no way out. Now he’s going to have to defend frivolous race-based investigations by the Holder DOJ. She says, “Let’s talk about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman; all that talk about Trayvon could have been my son, I’m going to start a civil rights investigation and nothing happened. There was no civil rights case.”

He attempts to redirect the discussion to the general population, but Judge Jeanine is wise to his trickery, telling Guster, “I’m talking about Trayvon and George.” He dances for a while and the Judge pins him down once again, “Was there a civil rights finding in the Zimmerman case, yes or no.”

He replies, “That is a very interesting point, but…” She says, “You can answer the question,” he refuses, so Judge Pirro replies simply, “then you can’t be on the show.” She asks the question again with the same result.  The Judge tells him, “You’re afraid to answer.”

It’s hard being pinned down on national television and exposed as a racist hack, but that was the risk he took for presenting weak arguments based upon lies. Then again, what choice did he have? Honesty is not an option when you are representing a criminal, either individually or as an entire regime.

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