Watch Infuriated Taxpayers Berate School Superintendent for ABSURD $663,365 Salary


(by Eric Owens, The Daily Caller) -- Earlier this week, unfortunate residents of the Centinela Valley School District (amid the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles) absolutely reamed district superintendent Jose Fernandez for his laughably exorbitant, perk-filled salary package.

On the backs of local taxpayers, the paper-pushing boss “earns” an annual salary of $665,365, reports KTLA.

In addition to the lucrative paycheck, the school board has also provided a sweetheart mortgage deal to help Fernandez buy his suburban home.

This mortgage benefit – a $910,000 loan at just 2 percent interest – was especially helpful for Fernandez, given his financial troubles. Fernandez recently emerged from bankruptcy.

Local home owners, parents and taxpayers showed up at a district school board meeting on Tuesday to express their righteous indignation.

“You are a disgrace to this country and to the Hispanic community,” declared one angry man as Fernandez sat quietly.

“It makes me wonder what you guys are all getting paid up there,” said a woman in the crowd in a comment directed to the school board members. “Because if you were able to allow this, what are your perks?”

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