EXPLOSIVE: Hannity Is Blown Away By What This Congresswoman Just Admitted About Ferguson

(by Norvell Rose, WCJ) -- What Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton told Sean Hannity in a contentious interview Thursday night would seem to support the argument of those who say that evidence in the Ferguson shooting case doesn’t matter to protestors who have their own agenda, irrespective of facts.

The congresswoman is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), several of whose members created something of a stir when they recently made the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture on the floor of the House.

Despite the fact that the St. Louis County Grand Jury found compelling reason to doubt whether Michael Brown ever put his hands up or said those words during his confrontation with police officer Darren Wilson, Ferguson protestors insist on using the gesture and the phrase as a symbol of what they claim is police prejudice and a pattern of wrongdoing.

On his Fox News show, Hannity asked Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton about the evidence and testimony presented to the grand jury that found no probable cause to indict officer Wilson on criminal charges.

What the congresswoman and CBC member readily admitted to Hannity stunned the program host, who got into quite a heated exchange with the defiant Democrat when she insisted the evidence “is not a concern” to what she’s trying to argue.

“My interest is not in what happened,” admitted Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

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