[Watch] Drunk, Stoned, Tired or a Denver Hangover? Obama Sounds Sub-Par in Speech


(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Of course ‘Dear Leader” of doesn’t have to drive himself anywhere, so he doesn’t have to be concerned with driving under the influence. Those are laws anyway, and as such, have no relevance to him.

And maybe he’s just tired, panhandling and influence peddling, combined with partying with celebrities can take a lot out of a fellow. Then he has to make a speech, it’s a to ask.

For the rest of us, if we were responding this way in a traffic stop, we’d be out of the car, touching our nose and walking heel to toe.

Obama may have been enjoying the company of those wealthy donors a little more than he should have, but as he says in the first video, he doesn’t have to run for office again, so he can “let er rup.” (rip?)

It’s obvious he’s not 100%, particularly in the first video where he assures his audience that he’s really not “that partifisan of a guy,” probably meaning partisan, his tongue not quite up to the demands being made of it.

More rambling about “The Departed” and Republicans not holding his evil hand in the second clip. Hair of the dog, Barry?

Regardless of the reasons, he clearly seems impaired. He’s got an odd, Richard Pryor type of sound to his remarks, with his voice a little higher and more animated than usual. That being said, what difference does it make? He’s untouchable. Maybe John Boehner could file a lawsuit.

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