WATCH: Carney Can't Name What Gives Obama Authority to Delay Health Care Mandate...



ABC’S JON KARL: And then on the healthcare, the issue of the employer mandate being delayed a year, under what authority did the White House decide to implement that law, a year later than the law itself calls for?

CARNEY: John, there are experts aplenty who can provide the specifics for you on this, both inside and outside the government


KARL: Chairman of the Democratic…

CARNEY: I highly recommend picking up any issue of the Federal Register and finding it in examples of rules and waivers and that sort of thing, this is not an unusual process, and uh, you know this is reflex and effort that the hue and cry, you know the clematis hollering you hear is reflective of a political and partisan effort to undermine.

KARL: I’m talking about Tom Harkin, are you saying that he’s…((CROSS TALK))

CARNEY: You’re not talking about Tom Harkin

KARL: Tom Harkin said you had no authority to do this

CARNEY: You’re talking about the Republican effort to complain about the…listening to business, to postpone a deadline that effects 4% of businesses with 50 or more employees, when they’ve done everything they can to undermine the law from day one. They don’t want to see it implemented.  They’ve made that clear..


CARNEY:  John you can pretend this is about Tom Harkin,  but you know it’s not and you know the fact is this is…we have demonstrated since the passage of the Affordable Care Act that we will make improvements where improvements make sense.  We will be flexible in its implementation where being flexible makes sense.  I mean everybody recently to their credit who’s written about it has noted the comparison here to the passage of Medicare Part D which was an initiative of…a top priority of President George W. Bush when it came to domestic policy.  And it passed but a lot of Democrats opposed it, but it passed and Democrats did not, once it passed, engaged in efforts to undermine it every step of the way. Instead they, now once it became law, engaged in an effort to make sure that the American people, the people they represented, enjoyed the benefits of the law and I expect that most constituents who potentially would get insurance for the first time in their lives or their first time in a long time, if they are made aware of the possibility of enrolling in these marketplaces would except that their representatives, their senators, whether they are democratic or republican, would help them in that process rather than doing everything they can to prevent their constituents from enjoying the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

KARL: What do you say to the Republicans that say on the issue of immigration, if the White House can decide to delay implementation of certain aspects of bills that passed to then just delay implementation of border security..

CARNEY: People who suggest that there is anything unusual about the delaying of a deadline and the implementation of a complex and comprehensive law are deliberately sticking their heads in the sand or are just willfully ignorant about past precedent.

It’s not serious and we are going about the business of implementing this law and we’re going about the business of implementing it in a way that maximizes the benefits available to the American people and that minimizes the difficulties in implementation process for businesses as well as individuals, and we’re going to keep at it.


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