Washington Post On Ways To Punish Congress For Shutdown: “Line ‘Em Up And Shoot ‘Em For Treason”…

(THE WASHINGTON POST) -- What would happen if the burger guy stopped flipping burgers? If the truck driver stopped driving trucks? If the teacher stopped teaching?

That’s right. They’d lose their jobs.

So what should be the fate of our 535 voting members of Congress, who are shutting down the government instead of doing the work we pay them a handsome $174,000 a year to do? Unable to craft a last-minute deal to stave off disaster, this Congress must be punished. Now.

We can’t wait for the next election. Americans have short memories, moving quickly past the mass shootings of children and innocent workers within weeks or even days. By Friday, everyone will forget how much they miss “Breaking Bad.” (The season premiere of “Scandal” is on Thursday!) [...]

This do-nothing Congress is set to become the least productive since we started measuring its productivity in 1948. Which is sad, because that’s the title the 112th Congress earned last year.

So how do we give our representatives what they deserve?

“No pay and must enroll in Obamacare,” urged an investment banker.

One longtime friend, a French teacher, offered her Francophile solution: “Off with their heads.” Mais oui.

On the street, working Washingtonians were no less brutal.

“Line ’em up and shoot ’em. I consider what they’re doing treason,” said a D.C. retiree who runs a T-shirt stand near a Capitol Hill Metro stop.

“Or make ’em spend a night in D.C. Jail,” said his partner. Continue reading via The Washington Post...


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