VIDEO: What NBC’s Chuck Todd Reveals About Hillary and 2016 Should TERRIFY All of US!

(Greg Campbell, TPNN) -- On CSPAN’s Book TV, Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press discussed his recent book, The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House.

When asked about Hillary and Obama’s relationship, Todd revealed that in terms of politics, she is more-closely aligned with Obama than her husband, Bill.

“I think a lot better than people realize. I have the impression that they are more alike as politicians than for instance Hillary and Bill are.”

Todd asserted that Hillary and Obama “both have come to politics on the campaign side of it, the theatric side of it,” Todd said. “They’ve both had to learn it–it’s not instinctual to them.”

If Todd’s analysis is correct and if Hillary ascends to the White House, America may very well be in serious trouble as it would constitute a third term of these radical policies that have so deeply devastated our republic.

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