[video] Sharpton Screams His Way Through Michael Brown’s Eulogy: “We Are Not The Haters, We’re The Healers!”…

Via Truth Revolt:

Al Sharpton spared not his vocal cords as he delivered a crowd-roaring eulogy at Michael Brown’s funeral.

Taking an opposite approach to the typically somber setting at a funeral, Sharpton prepared a flurry of rhetoric that whipped up the attendees, making the scene look more like a political rally. (Not that Sharpton would politicize such a thing.)

“Religion ought to affirm what we are doing,” Sharpton said. “Before you get to heaven,” he added, “before you put on your long robe, before you walk down the streets, you got to deal with the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis.”

Sharpton told the responsive crowd that God will not judge them by their behavior in heaven, or by Moses, or Joshua for that matter, but how they respond to Brown’s death. “All of us are required to respond to this. And all of us must solve this,” he preached.

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