Video: Muslim Training for Guerrilla Warfare in New York

Wednesday on The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly was joined by Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, which studies extremism.

Mauro discussed five top organizations linked to Islamic extremism that are located in the United States.

One such example is the hamlet of Islamberg in the Town of Hancock, New York. Located 145 northwest of New York City, the secluded community is home to an unknown number of Muslims inspired by Sufi cleric Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani. Mauro said the compound is spread across 60-70 acres. 

He showed O'Reilly a video given to him by a law enforcement source that shows members marching with rifles in apparent guerilla warfare training. As the group, Muslims of the Americas, is not designated as a foreign terrorist organization, they are able to operate in the United States with little more than FBI 'monitoring', Mauro said.

Another notable location is the Dar-al Hijrah mosque in the Seven Corners section of Falls Church, Va. The mosque was once led by Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen killed overseas after joining al Qaeda. The mosque, near Washington, D.C., is now led by an imam who Mauro noted has said 'Muslims shall be first in line for the arms for jihad."

Siraj Wahhaj, a radical imam whom O'Reilly discussed earlier this week, runs the Masjid At Taqwa mosque in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Wahhaj will be speaking at an upcoming conference in Texas.  Mauro called him "one of the most radical imams in the country." 

The Islamic Circle of North America, a radical group which Mauro said is legitimized by only 2 percent of American Muslims, has its headquarters a few miles from Masjid At Taqwa in Queens, New York. One of its leaders has been indicted on war crimes charges in Bangladesh. Their 'teaching guide' directs readers to 'engage in deception in order to promote the jihadist cause'.

Finally, Mauro discussed CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations. One of its executives, Ibrahim Hooper, has appeared on FOX News Channel, notably engaging in a heated debate with Megyn Kelly in 2014 regarding Ayaan Hirsi Ali's revoked privilege to speak at Brandeis University. The US Department of Justice has classified CAIR as a 'political influence organization of the Muslim brotherhood'.

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