U.S. Navy admiral says he’s open to idea of giving Chinese Navy tour of carrier

(FOX News) -- A top U.S. Navy official said he is "receptive" to idea of letting his Chinese crewmen tour a U.S. aircraft carrier based in Japan, but experts warn such access could be a risky intelligence giveaway.

Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, chief of naval operations, told The Wall Street Journal that his Chinese counterpart mentioned the idea of a U.S. carrier crew touring its lone Liaoning carrier and a Chinese crew touring the USS George Washington.

"I'm receptive to that idea," Greenert, who saw the Liaoning and other Chinese ships on a recent trip, told the paper.

Nan Li, an associate professor in the U.S. Naval War College's China Maritime Studies Institute, however, said Beijing would likely benefit more from a tour than the U.S. Navy.

"In theory, they (China) could see some of the ship's technology," he said. Li, however, also said the U.S. could gain from a tour of the Chinese carrier launched in 2012.

"We would be able to see how far behind their ship is compared to ours, and can demonstrate to them how powerful their ship is, and maybe they would respect it," he said.

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