U.S. forces kick some serious ISIS butt; ISIS runs scared – Obama strangely silent

(by Allen West) -- Yesterday at President Obama’s final press conference of 2014 there was one topic noticeably missing — any discussion on ISIS.

You all remember that group of ragtag fellows classified as a “jayvee” team by our president? These are the same savages who in the past week beheaded four Christian children — all under the age of 15 — for not rejecting Yeshua (Jesus) and also slaughtered some 150 Iraqi women in Fallujah for not consenting to having sex with them or marriage. Yep, really tough guys, but for some odd reason they didn’t merit a mention by President Obama.

You don’t think he’s rooting for the other team, do you?

As reported by IJ Review, “American troops just had their first real battle with Islamic State militants, after the terror group attempted to overrun Ein al-Asad base in Iraq in the middle of the night Sunday, the Kurdish news outlet Shafaq News reports. The U.S. troops absolutely decimated the militants, forcing a quick retreat. The counterattack was conducted in a joint operation with local tribal forces. The attack occurred at Ein al-Asad base, which currently hosts nearly 100 U.S. military “advisers.” The U.S. troops engaged the militants in tandem with F-18 fighter jets, who provided air support. The battle lasted approximately two hours after an undisclosed number of militants were killed.” 

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