U.S. ADMIRAL: GLOBAL-WARMING THREAT DWARFS N. KOREA... Pacific Fleet Commander Doubles Down On Claim Before Congress...

 Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear III

Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear III

WASHINGTON – The military officer charged with monitoring North Korea at a time when the rogue nation is threatening to unleash missile attacks worldwide has used a Senate hearing to double down on his claim that it is global warming that is the real danger.

Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear III originally caused a stir just weeks ago when in a speech to scholars at Harvard and Tufts universities in Cambridge, Mass., he said the climate change factor should be the focus of American concern.

At today’s hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee he defended his assessment that global warming is the greatest threat to security in that part of the world.

According to the Boston Globe, Locklear said earlier, “significant upheaval related to the warming planet … is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen … that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.”

At today’s hearing, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., challenged him, and the admiral doubled down. Continue reading via WND...

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