UNREAL: Obama Calls GOP Policies “Un-American,” Believe Women And Minorities Have A “Congenital Disease”…

  (ZIP)  -- Easily the most divisive president in history.

(ZIP) -- Easily the most divisive president in history.

Via Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama told an Texas audience of trial lawyers and donors that the GOP’s voter verification policies are “un-American.”

Obama also teased his female and minority supporters, by saying they have a “congenital disease,” which is present at their birth, and which reduces their eagerness to vote in midterm elections.

The president’s rhetorical rejection of his fellow citizens’ American identity and insistence that Democratic voters have a “disease” that keeps them from competing in midterms highlights his increasingly strident rhetoric as he faces an uphill effort to preserve the Democrats’ majority in the Senate.

He made the un-American charge while complaining about anti-voting fraud measures in Texas. “The idea that you’d purposely try to prevent people from voting… [is] un-American,” Obama said, after being prompted by one of his donors, who yelled out “un-American.”

The disease claim was made moments later, when he complained about Democratic turnout.

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