Univ. Of Oklahoma Paper Whines: RedFlag News Helped Make Us The Laughingstock Of The Internet When We Wrote Nude-Colored Bras Are Racist

(From our Friends at Weasel Zippers) -- Sorry, but when you make the absurd claim nude-colored bras are “an example of white privilege” you are calling them racist.

The Oklahoma Daily doesn’t think bras are racist – Oklahoma Daily

No, we don’t think bras are racist.

Our September 8editorial, “Replacing the fashion industry’s definition of ‘nude,'” encouraged readers to actively redefine the color “nude,” as it’s commonly limited to describe the light-tan color associated with Caucasian skin.

Three days after we published the editorial, Fox Nation, a web forum operated by Fox News, published an article called “Bras Are Now Racist…,” which was an aggregated post from National Review Online called“Bras Are Now Racist Because They Come in ‘Nude.’”

The post begins by stating our editorial board “declared that bras are racist because they come in colors named ‘nude,’ since non-white people’s skin isn’t that color when they’re nude.”

That same day, a website called Weasel Zippers posted six paragraphs of our editorial with no additional commentary besides its title, “University of Oklahoma Op-Ed: ‘Nude-Colored’ Bras Are Racist, An Example Of ‘White Privilege’…” and an introduction of sorts that states, “Also deemed racist: Band-Aids (no, not making that up).” 

That post was then aggregated by Red Flag, a website dedicated to “Aggregating the News the Mainstream Media Distort and Ignore,” and given the same title incorrectly making it look like we had written that "nude-colored bras are racist, an example of white privilege."


Just to be clear, we never declared bras are racist because they come in colors named “nude,” and in no way did we say the color of your bra might make you a racist.

Our editorial explained how limiting nude-colored bras to one color, in this case light-tan, shows how the fashion industry and society at large has based its ideal of nude on Caucasian people. We then commended a lingerie company called Nubian Skin for designing nude-colored clothing in different shades.

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