Trucker’s Nightmare, Major Storm Coming

Interstate 40 will be a nightmare across Northern New Mexico on Friday as a snowstorm is expected to hit the area, bringing over 7-10″ of snowfall through the area, targeting Albuquerque as well with heavy snowfall.  Phoenix and Tucson are set to have accumulations near the 1″ mark for rainfall, continue reading for the full forecast, which includes Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, NV.

A storm system to the southwest of the area will pump in moisture through the Southwest Desert zones over the next couple of days.  This evening, rainfall is being reported across Tucson, AZ and this will continue to get stronger as Friday moves in.  Friday, instability will be present for a chance of thunderstorms for the Tucson, AZ areas along with 1-2″ of rainfall.  Some areas may have flooding as a result of the rain.  Phoenix, slightly less, around 0.50 to 1.00″ of rainfall with more rain up interstate 17 locations between there and Flagstaff.

Speaking of the Arizona Mountains, Flagstaff will likelyt be near the 2-4″ mark, but there is a good chance of 4-7″ in the upper elevations in a small spot.  The Extreme Northern AZ mountains into Southern Utah will see the 4-7 and 7-10″ mark.

Las Vegas, NV will also see rainfall with this, bringing in 0.25 to 0.50″ of rainfall for the valley areas.

Focus for New Mexico is the snowfall amounts around Albuquerque and along Interstate 40, which will certainly be a travel hazard for this event.  Travel is not recommended for that interstate.If you have to travel across into Texas or Arizona, use Interstate 10, it’ll have no snowfall and only heavy rains.

Salt Lake City, UT … Either a dusting of snow or a glaze of ice (freezing rain) is what it looks like for you for this event …

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