There’s Something You Should Know About the Photos of a ‘Young Syrian Girl Stoned to Death’ on CNN’s iReport Site...

  Another image from the film included in the CNN iReport post.

Another image from the film included in the CNN iReport post.

(Sharona Schwartz)

Update: Following TheBlaze’s reporting on this story Tuesday morning, CNN removed the iReport piece from its site. Matt Dornic, CNN’s senior director of public relations, sent the following statement:

CNN iReport is a social network for news. Anyone who adheres to the guidelines of the community can be an iReporter. In fact, there are more than 1 million worldwide.

The iReport in question was posted on an individual user’s profile page. It clearly stated that it had not been vetted by CNN and it was not referenced in any CNN journalism. It has since been flagged by the community and removed.

Original story below:

CNN’s iReport platform posted photos alleging to show a Syrian girl who – according to unconfirmed reports – was stoned to death by Islamist rebels after opening a Facebook account.

The two photos which were labeled “Not Vetted by CNN” are in fact screen shots from the 2008 Persian-language feature film The Stoning of Soraya M.

Below are images from CNN’s iReport page compared with a screenshot from another moment in the scene included in the film’s trailer. Notice the girl’s identical brown curly hair, white garment and rope holding down her arms. In the background of both photos, one can see the film’s extras stoning the girl – the man on the right with the white turban and black cloak and towards the middle another man with a rust-colored shirt.

Khaled Abulruz, identified in the post as an iReport editor (author), wrote in his post dated February 15:  Group members of the extremist “Islamic state” “(Da’ash) stoned to death last week, a young Syrian girl identified as “Fatoom Jassim,” in her twenties because she has an account on Facebook.

Fatoom from Al Raqqa, a city in the North of Syria .
According to anti- Syrian regime activists Fatoom has been arrested red-handed while she was using her account on Facebook at her family home in Al Raqqa.
The “Da’ash” group members referred Fatoom to the Sharia’a Court in Al Raqqa.
Fatoom has been accused of adultery by the court for using the Facebook and was sentenced to death by stoning in accordance to Islamic Sharia’a.
Fatoom was executed by stoning on the hand of the members of the group soon after her sentence early this week.

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