There’s a Very Important Question About the Dallas Ebola Patient That Needs to Be Answered

(TheBlaze) -- More news about the Dallas Ebola patient — the first patient to be diagnosed with the deadly viral disease in the U.S. — emerged Wednesday, including that he “was throwing up all over the place”outside of the apartment complex where he was staying before he was transported to the hospital.

Some in the comment section of the Reuters report asked what many others are probably thinking: ”So who cleaned up the vomit, and where are they now…?…..what system did the vomit pass into?” the commenter going by the username Robertla wrote. 

Neither the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nor the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services immediately responded to TheBlaze’s request for comment on these questions. It’s a particular concern because the virus is transmitted through contact with the bodily fluids of a sick person, including blood, urine, saliva, feces and vomit.

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