There Is Only One Way To Defeat ISIS... And We Won’t Do It

(by Alex David, TPNN) -- One of the key elements to a successful strategy during war is to truly know your enemy. Know their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, numbers, inventory, their size and scope, but more than anything, know what their goals are and what steps they will take to realize them.

One does not have to be a West Point Professor of War Studies to “know” ISIS. They have loudly broadcasted their goal: the establishment and growth of an Islamic Caliphate. They have already claimed the establishment of the Caliphate and announced their leader: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Their goal now is to grow by conquering new lands. It is the Ottoman Empire 21st Century Edition, but they make the Sultans of yore look like bunny rabbits.

What is now at stake is the whole of Iraq. If they conquer Baghdad, they will loot the city of its treasure like they did in Mosul. It will then be sufficiently funded tofinally seize control of Syria and then it is on to Jordan & Lebanon. We also know the steps they will take: ANY. There is no evil, no act or lower point of depravity they will not implement. They are evil incarnate. They are beheading children and placing their heads on sticks.

There is only one way to defeat ISIS. It is the act and strategy of “Total War”. And we won’t do it. I actually heard that there is talk in the Obama Administration about “political solutions”. This is the height of ignorance and idiocy. There is no other solution other than the utter destruction of ISIS.

“Total War” has not been implemented in the West since World War II. It requires the complete destruction or unconditional surrender of your enemy. ISIS will never surrender as their mindset proves, so only total destruction is left as an option andthis administration does not have the will or stomach for it (nor did the last).

They fight for Allah and their Prophet Mohamed. In fact, they are mimicking his very actions. Mohamed grew his own empire through acts exactly like those of ISIS. He raided, looted, plundered, raped and slaughtered his way to power. He kidnapped and enslaved. He showed no mercy for the “kafir”(non-believer). The very same conditions he established for his enemies after his rise in Medina are thevery same ISIS commands: convert, pay the “Jizya” (tax) or die. In the case of the Christians in Iraq, the conditions are simply convert or die by the sword. 

These are the same commands put forth by Mohamed in The Sira (Sunnah). During one day in Medina, Mohamed had trenches dug and 800 Jews were beheaded while he watched with his 12 year old wife sitting on his lap, laughing. This episode was called “The Judgment of Saed” or the “Massacre of Banu Qurayza”. Sound familiar? Mohamed would be very proud of ISIS.

Given the sickness of mind and the unrelenting religious goal they are fueled by, they will not be defeated piecemeal. Sporadic bombings and short-lived campaigns will not defeat them. We should aggressively and earnestly court allies. We should form a coalition. If we cannot do that, we should go it alone. Iraqi leaders be damned. We should enter with 300,000 troops and with overwhelming force and kill them all. 

Every last one.

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