The ‘Man on the Roof’ and 4 Other Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Boston Bombings...

 The Blaze

The Blaze

National tragedies like Monday’s Boston marathon bombing are fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, especially when information has been so scarce in the immediate aftermath. As such, it’s probably no surprise that already, evidence and hypotheses are circulating among conspiratorial denizens of the internet, attempting to prove some sort of sinister government motive and/or irregularities regarding the bombing.

Nearly all of these theories are either based on false evidence, or appeal to general paranoia. However, for the sake of clarity, it’s worth pointing them out in order to expose these problems, and to avoid unnecessary panic in the aftermath of one of the most brutal recent national tragedies. Below are the top five most ridiculous conspiracy theories put forward about the Boston marathon bombing, in order from least insane to most insane.

#5. The man on the roof

#4. Bomb sniffing dogs

#3. “False Flag”/Government-sponsored terror

#2. “Donations for victims” and the fake 8-year-old victim

#1. There was no Boston marathon bombing – it’s a hoax

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