The ‘leak’ of the CIA station chief’s name was no accident

(by Michael Savage) -- During Obama’s “surprise” Memorial Day visit to the troops in Afghanistan, someone “accidentally” leaked the name of the CIA station chief in Kabul.

This extraordinary security breech was mostly ignored by everyone in the media, except Dr. Savage, who reminded his audience that the Obama administration has become famous for such “accidents.”

“The disclosure of the CIA station chief’s identity by a mole in the Obama administration was no accident,” Savage declared, adding:

It’s just like the TV show “Homeland”: There is at least one, if not more, operatives inside the Obama administration working for the other side.

Remember how they gave away our best drone to Iran?

Shall I list all the other things that have been done under this president without a single investigation?

It happened when Obama went over to Afghanistan for a photo op after he got in trouble with the VA scandal.

Leni Riefenstahl couldn’t have staged it any better, with all the black soldiers lined up in the front row.

Then somebody leaks the name of the station chief in Afghanistan, not only putting him at risk, but his whole family.

And the White House says, “Oops, it was an accident.”

I don’t believe that.

How many “accidents” have we already had from the sleepers in this administration?

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