The disturbing pattern: Obama rids America's military of yet another top general...


It's a developing pattern of this Obama White House.

Barack Obama cashiered yet another battle-seasoned American general Tuesday, even as the war in Afghanistan continues along with numerous other serious global threats to United States security.

This is the fourth senior officer Obama has forced from the country's service.

All four were tied somehow to the Afghanistan mess that Obama has long argued was the most important war. Each departure was staged as a resignation. They were usually tied to some personal indiscretions to save face for Obama, who would know of indiscretions as a product of the corrupt Chicago Democrat machine.

There was Gen. David McKiernan, the four-star who lead U.S. ground forces during the successful lightning Iraq invasion. He was asked to resign command of allied forces in Afghanistan just four months into Obama's presidency in 2009. Never fully explained, but the implication was administration dissatisfaction with the war's progress.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, a special ops veteran who was McKiernan's successor. He resigned when his staff was quoted making derogatory comments to an embedded journalist about the administration in general and VP Joe Biden in particular. If mocking Megamind Biden is worthy of resignation, then most of America needs to step down by lunch today.

Gen. David Petraeus, the archictect of the surge and successful counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq, was demoted from Central Command to return to lead the Afghan war. After that successful tour Obama named him director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which required his military resignation after nearly four decades of service.

Obama and Biden were too busy to attend the traditional farewell ceremonies for such a general officer across town. But they were willing to let Petraeus take a large part of the fall for their unexplained absences during the 9/11 terror attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi and denied the consulate's repeated pleas for rescue.

Then somehow word got out that Petraeus, regularly rumored as a Republican presidential candidate someday, had an affair with his biographer. He "offered" to resign and, by golly, Obama felt he had to accept.

Now, comes Marine Gen. John Allen, the latest Afghan war commander.

He did such a good job in that military quagmire that Obama named him to lead all U.S. and NATO forces in Europe. But then somehow word leaked that Allen had engaged in flirtatious e-mail exchanges with a married socialite in Tampa. A Pentagon investigation declined any misconduct charges.

But Tuesday Obama announced that unspecified health challenges have emerged in Allen's family requiring his full attention and Allen has resigned the NATO nomination, which Obama feels compelled to accept. While, of course, deeply appreciating Allen's long service to the country. One more gone. No mess. Never Obama's fault.

What's particularly striking is Obama's meticulous demands over the conduct of top military commanders, those general officer boots on the ground with decades of experience at the front lines of leading our troops, guiding the nation's national security protection and assisting the enemy to die for their cause.


And yet the Democrat is beyond tolerant of widespread and costly incompetence among his civilian Cabinet officers.

Can you say Solyndra? Energy Secy. Stephen Chu, for instance, cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars with ill-advised government investment backing of some three dozen alleged clean energy companies, some connected to Obama bundlers, many now defunct, other beneficiaries of taxpayer-support now sold off cheaply to China, of all places. But Chu too is leaving with exuberant praise from the Chicago Democrat.

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder keeps his job as the country's top law enforcement officer after claiming blissful ignorance of his department's illegal gun-running operation supplying hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Whose members subsequently killed scores of people, including at least one American.

Who would ever hold a top administrator responsible for such deadly malfeasance, as long as he was clueless about what was going on in his own department?

And if you doubt Holder's story, too bad. Because Obama has conveniently claimed executive privilege over documents sought by House investigators concerning when Holder new what about the "Fast and Furious" operation. Continue reading via IBD...

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