The Biggest Lesson Obama Failed to Learn from Bush...


When crisis strikes, you've got to at least look like you give a damn

By Matt K. Lewis, TheWeek.com

President Obama surely has more than 99 problems — but here's one: He doesn't feel the need to even look like he gives a damn, even as parts of the world all but crumble on his watch.

Obama is obviously smart and emotionally evolved — and maybe that's why he's embraced the "no drama" ethos so tightly. He never looks worried. His face never evinces concern. His voice never quivers. His body language doesn't change. At all. He walks at the same languid pace regardless of the situation.

You might think this evenness is a good thing. Sometimes it is. But if there's a pressing geopolitical problem, it's not a good look for Obama to seem as unperturbed as he is on a Hawaiian holiday.

This is a lesson that Obama should have learned from his predecessor.

For all the substantive issues with George W. Bush's administration, there were also some major public relations miscues that caused Bush tremendous problems too. 

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