Thanks To Video Poker-Playing McCain, We’ve Been Played Again...


 (by Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins, WCJ) -- There is a picture circulating around the internet showing Arizona Republican Senator John McCain playing video poker during a fake “debate” over American military action against Syria. It proves the fix is in, and we have been played once again by King Barack, his Party, and his Republican lackeys.

To recap, the Brits looked at the evidence and saw nothing there. The rest of the world agrees. We The People have been maneuvered into the fake choice of support for a tyrant, or becoming Al Qeada’s ally. We The People don’t want either choice.

Over the weekend, a Republican Congressman told Fox News there are so many “American interests” in Syria that we HAVE to do something!  Really? No one asked him what they were or why, if these “interests” truly exist with Assad in power, they would somehow be preserved once he is gone.

Last spring, the Turks caught the rebels with chemical weapons. Apparently, only We The People remember this; and we don’t want to join their side even if all of THEM in Washington do.

We The People don’t want military intervention in Syria. A Drudge Report poll shows that by an amazingly lopsided 91% to 9%, with over 727,000 people voting, We The People don’t want our country to take military action against Syria.

Of course, a poll of Drudge readers is dismissed out of hand by the “real” media; but there is more on this front. Two surveys, one conducted by the leftwing Washington Post- ABC poll and one by the left wing Pew Poll show by 59/39 and 48/29  respectively that We The People don’t want this military action.

Nevertheless, here we are. The Senate hasn’t wasted any time on this matter. It has just voted to give King Barack ninety days to act.  In essence, this means “We’ve forced the Republicans to own this mess, and now we have ninety days to see whether it is good or bad for Democrat chances to win back the House in 2014 before we decide.”

Predictably, the feckless House Republicans are falling in line to save King Barack from embarrassing himself once again. And once again, it’s: We The People be damned! Why not? After all, we’re only taxpayers, not Kings or Lords. Read more via WCJ...

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