‘Tell us the truth’: Furious Chinese families hurl water bottles at Malaysian airline officials

(UK Daily Mail) -- The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet is now covering 27,000 square nautical miles, officials have said.

The latest information comes after Chinese relatives of the missing people vented their frustration at Malaysian officials in Beijing, throwing water bottles and shouting: ‘Tell us the truth.’

In Beijing, there was fury from families of the 239 people on board, who are desperate for any news. Relatives hurled water bottles at airline officials and accused them of lying.

At least three people threw water bottles at a meeting held between Malaysian airline and embassy officials and relatives of some of the 153 Chinese passengers who were on board.

At the meeting in Beijing, people shouted ‘tell us the truth’ and asked exactly what the Malaysian military knew about the missing plane.

When officials refused to discuss exactly what was known, bottles were thrown and some relatives lunged towards the Malaysians.

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