Susan Rice: ‘No Regrets’ On Benghazi Lies

Susan Rice: ‘No Regrets’ On Benghazi Lies

(Mediaite) -- In her first appearance on Meet the Press since the fateful one in September 2012 when she characterized the Benghazi attack as a “spontaneous response” to an anti-Islam video, National Security Advisor Susan Rice told host David Gregory that she had described the attack to the best of the administration’s knowledge according to the intelligence reports at the time, and that the U.S. was still actively pursuing the perpetrators.

“What I said to you that morning, and what I did every day since, was to share the best information that we had at the time,” Rice said.

(Mediaite) -- McCain ‘Almost Speechless’ At Susan Rice’s Benghazi Claim

On Face the Nation Sunday morning, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) literally laughed off National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s statement earlier on Meet the Press that she did not intentionally mislead in her September 2012 appearance on the Sunday shows in which she claimed that the Benghazi attack had been in part a “spontaneous response” to an anti-Islam video.

“I’m almost speechless,” McCain told host Bob Schieffer.

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