Head, Meet Desk: NTSB Admits Fake Pilot Names ('Ho Lee Fuk') Confirmed To TV Station By Their... Intern

This aired on KTVU on Friday. On the air. Live television.

UPDATE: The National Transportation Safety Board released a statement Friday evening saying an intern confirmed the pilots’ names to KTVU. Later it said the intern only confirmed the names, which “originated at the media outlet.” Scroll below for the official NTSB statement.

The anchor says “The NTSB has confirmed these are the names of the pilots on board Flight 214 when it crashed.” It’s amazing:

Here’s KTVU’s apology:

In KTVU’s Noon newscast on Friday, July 12th, the station misidentified the pilots involved in the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO.

Prior to air, the names were confirmed by an NTSB official in the agency’s Washington, D.C. office. Despite that confirmation, KTVU realized the names that aired were not accurate and issued an apology later in the newscast.

The correct names of the pilots in the cockpit were Lee Gang-guk and Lee Jeong-Min. “We sincerely regret the error and took immediate action to apologize, both in the newscast where the mistake occurred, as well as on our website and social media sites,” said Tom Raponi, KTVU/KICU Vice President & General Manager. “Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity, and we are reviewing our procedures to ensure this type of error does not happen again.”

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